Over 45 years combined experience in all aspects of denture provision

Newport Denture Clinic is a family run denture clinic with over 45 years combined experience in making full & partial dentures, upper dentures, lower dentures, replacement dentures & denture repair.

Steven Reynolds followed in his father’s footsteps and trained and practiced as a dental technician for almost 30 years before becoming one of only a handful of qualified clinical dental technicians in Wales.

This additional qualification and training allows Newport Denture Clinic to make dentures direct to the public.

Personalised denture treatments

At Newport Denture Clinic you’ll receive personalised treatment in a warm and caring environment. Steven has almost 35 years personal experience in making bespoke upper & lower dentures and will take the time to answer all your questions.

We provide you with important information about your dentures and work hard to build a relationship based on trust.

Whether you are an existing patient or visiting our denture clinic for the first time, we’ll make you feel confident about the quality of care and advice that you’re receiving.