Take the first step towards new dentures with our no obligation free consultation

If you’re thinking of taking the first step towards new dentures why not pop in to the clinic for a free consultation. There’s no obligation and we can assess you for suitability and discuss treatment types with you on the day.  The consultation will last around 30 minutes and you’ll be free to ask any questions regarding costs and length of treatment.

Reasons to choose us

  • We have 45 yrs combined experience in all aspects of denture provision
  • You deal directly with the laboratory technician at the clinic
  • Our pricing for all denture treatments is very competitive
  • NDC only offer the latest tried and tested denture treatments
  • Home visits are available if you are disabled in any way

Here’s what you can expect

During your free consultation we will first asses you for suitability. Then we will carry out a full oral assessment and clinical examination.

We can discuss your likes and dislikes of your existing dentures if you already wear them. We can talk about your wish list for your new dentures and what’s important to you. Patients often bring photos to the clinic, which can help.

A range of treatments will be outlined during the session and the merits of each one discussed. You can either decide on the same day to proceed or alternatively give us a call at a later date.

Before we can proceed

Getting new partial dentures means you will need to see a dentist first for a regular check-up. If you are not currently registered with one, we can arrange a visit with our own dentist.  We can normally book you an appointment within 24 hours.  They will then return you to us with a prescription for your new dentures.

Newport Denture Clinic prides itself on providing a quality denture assessment without any obligation to commit.

Recent patient testimonial—

“After struggling for 7 years with NHS dentists I decided to try a different approach. Wow! I was treated like a person and they made me feel comfortable from start to finish. I am now walking around with the biggest smile, which I haven’t done for years. And all done in a professional way. Thank you!”

Paulette Gough | Newport

Frequently asked questions

For almost all patients we will first need a dentist referral letter to confirm you are ready for new dentures. Read this page to learn more.
Generally speaking, new dentures will take around 3-4 appointments. This includes your no obligation free consultation. Additionally, we may also need to see you at a later date to make sure everything is still successful.
As far as we are aware some patients will be eligible for NHS dentures. Unfortunately, we do no offer our services to NHS patients at this time.
As long as you take good care of your dentures you can expect them to last at least 5-10 years. BPS dentures last much longer as they are made of a denser acrylic.
For the most part your treatment will be tailored specifically for you. There will be however some ballpark prices such as for full dentures with specific false teeth. Speak to us first if you have any reservations about costs.