Fix your loose fitting upper or lower dentures with our denture relines service

Over time the base of your dentures can become worn down. Also, you can suffer gradual bone loss. This can result in a loose fitting denture making it difficult to eat and they can often fall out of your mouth. Our denture relines service will either add a new layer of acrylic to your denture or we will create a new base altogether.

Getting them relined ensures a tighter fit and improved comfort. Generally, this type of denture repair service can be completed within 24 hours.

Benefits of denture relines

  • You can avoid the higher costs of having to get new dentures
  • The relined denture will fit just as good as when it was new
  • New impressions mean a better fit in your new mouth shape
  • Soft denture linings can be used to deal with sore gum issues
  • Your dentures will last for years longer with the new linings

Overview of the procedure

We will initially provide a clinical assessment to gauge whether it will be an improvement on the fit of your old denture. If not we may suggest that a new denture will be more cost effective and a better outcome in the long run.

If you decide to proceed with a reline, we will normally take a new impression and will require your denture for up to 24 hours.  Additionally, we may require a prescription from a dentist for this service.

Costs of denture relines

Denture relinesGuideline costs
Hard acrylicfrom: £120
Softfrom: £120

Costs for relines are fairly fixed so you can generally expect to pay close to or exactly the guideline seen above.

Recent patient testimonial—

“A very fast and friendly service. Within an hour of my denture breaking I was at the lab and being dealt with. There was no fuss about the break, just a calm, professional and very reasonably priced repair. A happy customer.”

Chris Marsh | Pontypool

Frequently asked questions

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend it, many people do buy reline kits from online stores. We’re not sure how successful the home procedure is.
This is possible. Almost any acrylic denture, full, partial, upper or lower can be relined.
Generally, no. We haven’t come across any instances of NHS denture clinics offering this service. It may be possible, but could take you some time to find a clinic willing to do it.