Get your smile back on track with our missing teeth denture repair service

There’s nothing worse than chipping, breaking or losing a tooth from your denture. Doing so can make it difficult to eat and the denture can become unwearable. Thankfully our missing teeth denture repair service will sort things out. We will repair or replace any chipped, broken or lost teeth and give you back that winning smile.

We would not recommend you do this yourself as you may damage the denture further which will result in additional costs.

Reasons to choose us

  • We have 45 yrs combined experience in all aspects of denture provision
  • You deal directly with the laboratory technician at the clinic
  • Our pricing for all denture treatments is very competitive
  • NDC only offer the latest tried and tested denture treatments
  • Home visits are available if you are disabled in any way

Here’s what to expect

We’ll get you into the clinic so we can conduct a damage assessment of the denture. If the damage is minimal we will repair it on the day. Sometimes this can be done while-u-wait. If there is a missing tooth and you don’t have the tooth you may have to wait a few days until the new tooth arrives at the clinic.

Chipped teeth can usually be repaired fairly quickly and shouldn’t cost too much. Sometimes your denture may also be fractured when the tooth breaks so we’ll have to repair that too.

If our broken or missing teeth denture repair service can’t fix the fault we will consult with you on the merits of new dentures.

Costs of denture teeth repair

Teeth repair service
Guideline costs
Missing toothfrom: £40
Broken or chippedfrom: £40

The costs of the service will be discussed with you prior to going ahead. Most broken or missing teeth repairs are individual to you so prices are only a guideline.

Recent patient testimonial—

“A very fast and friendly service. Within an hour of my denture breaking I was at the lab and being dealt with. There was no fuss about the break, just a calm, professional and very reasonably priced repair. A happy customer.”

Chris Marsh | Pontypool

Frequently asked questions

Generally we wouldn’t recommend this as superglue is water soluble and could also damage the denture acrylic. Sometimes patients use this as a temporary fix until they get to the clinic.
We will assess the damaged denture and where possible provide an immediate replacement. Sometimes we’ll have to send away for a replacement tooth which can take a few days.
Simple repairs can be done on the day in under an hour. More complex requirements will take a few days.