Fix your broken, cracked or worn down dentures with our denture repair service

Over time your dentures will become worn down. This general wear and tear can result in in a number problems such as breaking, cracking, loose fitting and teeth falling out. Thankfully, most problems can be fixed with our denture repair service. It’s even possible to modify your dentures if you’ve since had additional teeth removed.

Reasons to choose us

  • We have 45 yrs combined experience in all aspects of denture provision
  • You deal directly with the laboratory technician at the clinic
  • Our pricing for all denture repairs is very competitive
  • We also provide an emergency 1 hour denture repair service
  • All repairs are conducted at the clinic and not sent away

What this service offers

Newport Denture Clinic provides a wide range of denture repair services. Typical repairs include broken, fractured or missing teeth. Broken dentures can be repaired with a special acrylic glue and most repairs are done in under an hour.

More extensive repairs will require you to leave the dentures with us for a few days. If your dentures are worn down or loose they may need relining. We also provide a denture relines service which also takes a few days to complete.

If you have an emergency you can always use our 1 hour repair service and we will fix your dentures while-u-wait.

Costs of denture repairs

Repair service
Guideline costs
Broken denturesfrom: £40
Cracked denturesfrom: £40
Re-cementing a toothfrom: £40

Once you are at the clinic and we can see your dentures we will be able to provide you with the full cost of the repairs.

Our qualified staff will treat your dentures will the utmost care to ensure they are repaired to a high standard.

Recent patient testimonial—

“A very fast and friendly service. Within an hour of my denture breaking I was at the lab and being dealt with. There was no fuss about the break, just a calm, professional and very reasonably priced repair. A happy customer.”

Chris Marsh | Pontypool

Frequently asked questions

You’ll be surprised how well we can fix all kinds of broken dentures. We can even fix dentures that have been snapped in two.
Unfortunately we cannot provide discounts for new dentures if you existing dentures are beyond repair. We can however offer you very competitive prices on new dentures and our service is unmated in South Wales.
We recommend you have your dentures looked at by a professional at least once every 12 months. Doing this can catch some problems early and save you money in the long run.
If your dentures are worn down by general use you may be able to have them relined. This is a common procedure and takes a few days to complete.