Get your dentures looking and feeling great with our denture cleaning service

As you will be aware, oral hygiene is incredibly important. What you may not be aware of is that this is also true even with dentures. If your dentures are not cleaned properly this can lead to plaque and bacteria build-up. Studies have shown this can be detrimental to your health. Get them cleaned properly with our denture cleaning service.

Newport Denture Clinic will ensure your dentures leave the clinic in the best condition they can possibly be.

Reasons to choose us

  • We have 45 yrs combined experience in all aspects of denture provision
  • You deal directly with the laboratory technician at the clinic
  • Our pricing for all denture treatments is very competitive
  • NDC only offer the latest tried and tested denture treatments
  • Home visits are available if you are disabled in any way

Overview of the procedure

All dentures need to be cleaned and much of this can be undertaken in the home. However, plaque and tartar can build up over time and can be difficult to remove using regular cleaning.

With your dentures at hand we will assess whether they can be manually cleaned by our technician or will require a further ultrasonic deep clean.

The combination of denture cleaning services will ensure complete removal of all plaque, fungus, tartar and any other build up. Generally this service only takes around 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Costs of denture cleaning

Denture cleaning
Guideline costs
Completefrom: £20
Upperfrom: £10
Lowerfrom: £10

Once we have your dentures at the clinic we will be able to recommend the best course of action for cleaning them.

Recent patient testimonial—

“A very fast and friendly service. Within an hour of my denture breaking I was at the lab and being dealt with. There was no fuss about the break, just a calm, professional and very reasonably priced repair. A happy customer.”

Chris Marsh | Pontypool

Frequently asked questions

Whilst this is the most popular method of cleaning dentures, it’s often not the most effective. You should regularly soak your dentures overnight using a dedicated cleaning solution and a few times a year take them to a denture clinic for a check-up.
For the most part you should avoid whitening toothpastes and anything that contains bleach or peroxide. These can weaken your dentures and tarnish them if they contain metal.
This is a big no. The hot water will warp or buckle your dentures and they may not be repairable. As a result you could find yourself without a denture until new ones are made.