Fill the gaps between your permanent teeth with our partial flexible dentures

If you have some of your own natural teeth left and don’t want expensive implants you might want to consider partial flexible dentures. This lightweight denture is made of injection moulded, semi-flexible nylon and is a comfortable alternative to cosmetic dentures. It’s easier to tolerate and ideal for people with a gag reflex.

Newport Denture Clinic can create the perfect partial flexible solution for both your upper or lower mouth.

Flexible denture advantages

  • Lightweight and much thinner than regular dentures
  • Easier to tolerate and ideal for people with a gag reflex
  • Can be moulded around your existing permanent teeth
  • They can be fitted in places where other dentures can’t
  • Higher rate of acceptance and less chance of irritability

Overview of the procedure

There are clear physical and cost advantages to partial flexible dentures. Initially we will get you into the clinic for your free consultation. This will take around 30 minutes and we will discuss your treatment options and outline costs.

Additionally, we may take a mould of your mouth should you wish to press ahead. For some patients you may need a formal referral from your dentist before we can press ahead with treatment.

Partial upper and lower flexible dentures usually take 3 appointments before they are ready for the final fitting.

Costs of flexible dentures

Flexible dentures
Guideline costs
Partial upperfrom: £490
Partial lowerfrom: £490

Costs depend on your personal needs. For example you may need one tooth or you may need multiple teeth.

Recent patient testimonial—

“Visited Newport Denture Clinic today for a one tooth denture. I can honestly say what a lovely experience it was. Very clean, polite and done my denture in less then 4 hours. I highly recommend to everyone if you want great service.”

Dawn Humphrey | Abertillery

Frequently asked questions

Generally not. The flexibility of the base means that the bigger and more complicated you go the more chance there is of breakage. Full dentures are usually cosmetic or BPS.
Not necessarily. As long as you keep the size reasonable and don’t overcomplicate things the partial denture is robust and long lasting.
We recommend you should replace them every three to five years, but this can vary from patient to patient.