Smile like you mean it with a new set of full or partial cosmetic dentures

If you’ve lost some or all of your teeth and want to smile with confidence you should consider cosmetic dentures. Not just for seniors, new dentures are a fitting, long term solution to replace lost teeth. You can get full or partial dentures for both the upper and lower parts of the mouth fitted with a range of premium teeth.

Cosmetic dentures are the most popular, long term and cost effective approach to replacing missing teeth.

Reasons to choose us

  • We have 45 yrs combined experience in all aspects of denture provision
  • You deal directly with the laboratory technician at the clinic
  • Our pricing for all denture treatments is very competitive
  • NDC only offer the latest tried and tested denture treatments
  • Home visits are available if you are disabled in any way

Costs of cosmetic dentures

Cosmetic dentures
Guideline costs
Complete (upper and lower)from: £590
Complete (upper)from: £395
Complete (lower)from: £395
Partial (upper)from: £220
Partial (lower)from: £220

The costs of your treatment will depend on the individual choices made during your free consultation.

5 day or express 2 day service

Our full and partial cosmetic dentures are usually completed start to finish within 5 days. For patients who can’t wait we offer an express 2 day denture service.

The cost of this service is an additional £100 with the three visits to the clinic made over a two day period.

Here’s what you can expect

Your first visit includes an oral health check, denture assessment and free consultation with the clinician. Impressions are usually taken at the first appointment.

Your new dentures are in wax at the 2nd visit and it is at this stage that any cosmetic or technical amendments can be made. At the 3rd patient visit the denture will be completed and ready to fit.

Recent patient testimonial—

“Absolutely amazing service and product from the small team, plus extremely friendly. Arrived at 10am this morning and received my new dentures from scratch by 2.30pm. 100% happy. Definitely highly recommend.”

Nicky Lou | Swansea

Frequently asked questions

Getting new dentures will have an effect on the way you speak. Don’t worry as this is usually temporary. Most people have difficulty pronouncing certain words at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Try reading difficult words out loud to help yourself along.
Generally speaking, new dentures will take around 4 appointments. This includes your no obligation free consultation. Additionally, we may also need to see you at a later date to make sure everything is still successful.
As long as you take good care of your dentures you can expect them to last at least 5-10 years. The shape of your gums and mouth will continue to change but by visiting your denture clinic fairly regularly it should be easy to spot any irregularities along the way. BPS dentures last much longer as they are made of a denser acrylic.
As far as we are aware some patients will be eligible for NHS dentures. Unfortunately, we do no offer our services to NHS patients at this time.