Smile again with confidence with a new set of partial cobalt chrome dentures

When looking for permanent partial dentures many people consider cobalt chrome. The reason is that they are lightweight, strong, hard wearing and can last 10 or more years. Chrome dentures can be used in both the upper and lower jaw. They fit in place over the teeth or using a metal clasp which prevents movement and irritation.

They are a much more permanent and durable denture solution than plastic or acrylic partial dentures.

Chrome denture advantages

  • Lightweight, yet incredibly strong and hard wearing denture
  • Can be manufactured with an open plate due to the strength
  • Reduces gum irritation by load balancing your bite
  • With less mouth coverage you taste things better
  • Does not leave any sort of metallic taste in the mouth

Overview of the procedure

From a patients perspective the chrome procedure is much the same as any other partial denture. First you’ll need to be formally referred by your dentist so we can treat you. Then we’ll get you into the clinic for you free 30 min consultation.

There we can discuss which is the best chrome design suited to your needs. We may even take an impression of your mouth if you’re happy to proceed. Making the denture will take 2-3 weeks and you may need to attend the clinic more than once during this time.

Your final appointment will be to fit the chrome partial denture and we may book you a follow up appointment to check everything is satisfactory.

Costs of chrome dentures

Chrome denturesGuideline costs
Partial upperfrom: £590
Partial lowerfrom: £590

The costs of chrome cobalt partial dentures are generally higher than acrylic. It’s important note that chrome dentures are far superior so the extra costs will save you money in the long run.

Recent patient testimonial—

“Thank you both for my new dentures. The care and attention I received made a real difference. It’s like having my old smile back. I am recommending you to all my friends.”

Diane Tucker | Newport

Frequently asked questions

In the past many denture technicians did indeed manufacture full upper or low dentures out of chrome cobalt. These days however it is very rare as innovations such a BPS dentures are a much better solution.
Whilst it would appear that a metal denture would be ‘fixed’ in shape it is possible to modify it enough to ensure a continued tight fit over time.
For the most part no. However, if you are using the denture for any of your front teeth it is possible to use a tooth coloured resin to act as a clasp.