With the Biofunctional Prosthetic System you can expect a precision fit every time

If you’re looking for world class dentures with a bit of extra bite you should try Ivoclar BPS dentures. With the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) you can expect superior aesthetics, exceptional comfort and an unparalleled fit. Our Clinical Dental Technicians have undergone certified technical and clinical training at Ivoclar headquarters in Leicester so we can produce BPS dentures.

Advantages of BPS dentures

  • Specialised accurate impression techniques that maximise suction and improve stability
  • Lifelike Vivadent Phonares denture teeth are extremely hard wearing
  • Injection moulded bases for improved suction and strength
  • Specially developed toothless bite recording using a Gnathometer
  • Extremely strong and dense polymer reduces chances of breakage
  • Non-porous surfaces easier to clean reducing plaque and odour
  • Suction fit so perfect you can bite and chew virtually any food

Overview of the procedure

Initially we’ll book you in for a free consultation to make sure that you will benefit from the treatment.  We will then take impressions and discuss with you how you want your dentures to look and feel. The BPS system of producing dentures uses Phonares teeth, which are very lifelike and are accepted as the best artificial teeth available on the market today.

We have a chair-side selection of these teeth that we can choose together. They offer gender and age specific moulds to choose from. Next visit the teeth are set in wax so we can check that you are happy with the fit and appearance. We also check the speech at this stage.

At this stage it can be useful to bring someone you know to give a second opinion. When processing the dentures from wax to plastic, we use the Ivobase injection moulding system, which produces very strong pink accurate bases. Getting a set of new BPS dentures will take at least 4 appointments and sometimes more.

BPS dentures can last twice as long and look and feel much better than standard dentures, for this reason they are more expensive.

Costs of Ivoclar BPS dentures

We will provide you with pricing options during your consultation.

Ivoclar BPSGuideline costs
Complete (upper and lower)from: £1200
Upperfrom: £600
Lowerfrom: £600

The costs of your treatment will depend on the individual choices made during the free consultation. For premium teeth you also have the choice between Ivoclar Phonares or Vita Physiodens.

Video overview of Ivoclar Vivadent SR Phonares II teeth

Recent patient testimonial—

“After struggling for 7 years with NHS dentists I decided to try a different approach. Wow! I was treated like a person and they made me feel comfortable from start to finish. I am now walking around with the biggest smile, which I haven’t done for years. And all done in a professional way. Thank you!”

Paulette Gough | Newport

Frequently asked questions

For full upper and lower dentures you will need to have all your teeth removed. For partial dentures we will need to speak to confirm your needs.
There is a wealth of difference between the 2 types of dentures. The Biofunctional Prosthetic System is a precision denture that is compressed 6 times more than regular dentures. It also uses a suction fit which keeps the denture in place and enables you to eat a more varied diet.
Because of the denser acrylic, BPS dentures are much stronger than regular dentures. As a result you can expect them to last at least twice as long as other dentures and still retain a perfect fit.
Although BPS dentures are designed primarily for complete dentures, we can use the same excellent teeth and injection moulded bases for partials that are strong and look very natural.